SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Syllabus in English

SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Syllabus in English Hello friends, welcome to In today’s post we brought you “SSC CGL Syllabus” which you can see online! Today our team has brought a very important topic for all the students who are SSC CGL Syllabus or are preparing them!

Three exams are taken for the SSC CGL Examinations. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. The syllabus of all exams is different. Earlier also SSC Combined Graduate Level syllabus has been reported. But because of this, there were many exams due to all the information not shared in a post. In this post, the syllabus is explained in detail. Only after successful in the three exams will you get the job.

ssc cgl syllabus 2019

In order to overcome all the stages of the SSC CGL Syllabus in English Examination, students should start preparing with a solid study plan. Important elements for creating a competent study plan are Detailed examination of the latest examination patterns and exam related steps.

So we have compiled a detailed course of the SSC CGL Syllabus in English exam in which the latest exam pattern of Tier-I, II, and III are included is. Which will help you prepare in a systematic way?

SSC CGL Syllabus

Once again, the SSC (CGL) job is equivalent to the IAS. This gives the job of Group B and Group C. Every year, the Exam Conduct for SSC Graduate Student. Some students wait for the next (Next) Notification of some exams in which some students make their dream come true. Some exams have been set for this exam. Who will know in detail in this post?

In the last few years, SSC has made some changes in the examination pattern. Students should note the change in exam pattern and syllabus before starting the preparation of the SSC (CGL) exam. Some of those important points that you have to keep in mind are described below-

  • The Tier-I Objective Type Examination will be of 60 minutes in this online mode.
  • The Tier II Objective Type examination will consist of 2 papers, each paper will have a 60-minute duration in online mode. Apart from this, there will be two other examinations which will be mandatory for students belonging to Statistical and Finance respectively.
  • Tier-III descriptive examination will be of 60 minutes in pen and paper mode.
  • There will be no sectional cut off in Tier-4

Following a thorough study of the syllabus SSC CGL test pattern of SSC CGL Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III, the next step is to understand the detailed curriculum of the various stages of examination.

SSC CGL Tier – I: Full Syllabus examination

SSC CGL Tier-I Examination is an Objective Type Examination which will be conducted in online mode. There will be four sections of 100 questions in the examination (each section has 25 questions and maximum marks 50) and the maximum score is 200. The time duration of the Tier-1 examination will be 60 minutes.

The details of the exam-divisional level are shown in the table below.

A point worthy of remembering:

  • For each wrong answer in the SSC CGL Tier 1 examination, the negative marking of 0.5 marks will be, in which, the total negative points for wrong questions will be deducted from the total score of the candidate. Candidates
  • suffering from blind and cerebral palsy will have a total of 80 minutes of examination.


SSC CGL Tier – I exams subject wise comprehensive course

The above syllabus SSC CGL was a short form of Tier-I examination. Students should carefully study the detailed curriculum of all sections by making a study plan that will help you identify and focus on your weak topics.

Let’s look at the detailed syllabus of SSC CGL Tier-I classes one by one:

Maths Syllabus for SSC CGL

Quantitative Aptitude: In this section, the mathematical skills of the candidates are tested and it is seen how efficient it is to calculate. In order to be proficient in this section, candidates need to make good gains on general mathematical concepts, methods, and applications. The questions are designed based on the candidate’s numerical application and the number of experiences in mathematics based on testing. The details of the topics covered in the quantitative Aptitude section of the SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination are as follows-

  1. The Quantitative Aptitude question is asked in Arithmetic and Advance two parts. Who will learn in different detail? Arithmetic Math Syllabus for SSC CGL
  2. Number System
  3. LCM & HCF
  4. Percentage
  5. Partnership
  6. Profit & Loss
  7. Simple Interest
  8. Compound Interest
  9. Ratio & Proportion
  10. Pipe & Cistern
  11. Speed, Time & Work
  12. Time And Work
  13. Average
  14. Boat & Stream
  15. Mixture & Allegation
  16. Age Problems

In order to obtain a good score in this section, it is necessary to know the deep knowledge of all the sources and patterns of questions. Therefore, the strict exercise of this section is important. This section is important in the SSC CGL exam both at the first level and second level.

Advanced Math Syllabus for SSC CGL

  • Angle
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Height & Distance
  • Polygon
  • Algebra
  • Data Interpretation
  • Bar Diagram & Pie Chart

English Language and Comprehension: This section examines the ability to understand the right grammar of candidates, use of vocabulary and understand basic comprehension.

The following is a list of subjects covered in the English Language and Comprehensive section of the SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination-

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • One Word Substitution
  • Sentence Completion
  • Spotting Errors
  • Sentence improvement
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Spelling Test
  • Reading comprehension

Reasoning Syllabus for SSC CGL

General Intelligence and Reasoning: This section examines the ability of the candidates to think and solve problems. The questions asked in this section are primarily brain teasers and sometimes it becomes very difficult to answer these questions. Questions can be both verbal and non-verbal in the following chapters-

  1. The General Intelligence and Reasoning Syllabus is in two parts. Both of these syllabuses are different. Non-Verbal Reasoning Syllabus for SSC CGL
  • Paper Cutting and Folding
  • Embedded Figures
  • Counting Figures
  • Pattern Completion
  • Figure Formation & Analysis
  • Series
  • Cube & Dice
  • Water Image
  • Mirror Image

General Mental Ability Syllabus for SSC CGL 

  • Missing Numbers
  • Matrix
  • Logical Venn Diagram
  • Distance Direction Test
  • Alphabet Test
  • Analogy
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Blood Relation
  • Classification
  • Coding-Decoding

General Awareness has many Topic which one has to understand.

General Awareness: This section is considered to be one of the high scoring sections of the SSC CGL exam. It examines the candidate’s general awareness of the environment around him and the abilities of his applications in society. Questions from this section will also be asked in the current and the current affairs in India and in this section. The following topics are covered in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination under the General Awareness section-

History (India & World)

  • History: Harappan civilization, facts related to Vedic culture; The names of the rulers who built important ancient temples and institutions such as Nalanda. Chronology of medieval India and their critical systems; India’s freedom movement and its related leaders

Geography (Physical, India, World)

  • Geography: India and its neighboring country, famous seaport, airport and their location; World and India’s important institutions and names of their established places such as BRICS, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Reserve Bank of India, etc.

Economy & Finance

  • Economy: The terminology of the budget (national income, gross domestic product, fiscal deficit, and others); Five Year Plan and Its Importance; Famous persons, institutions and their importance in the economy such as the Reserve Bank of India, SEBI, etc.

Indian Polity and Constitution

  • Politics: Supreme Court, Presidential Elections and Their Works; Important constitutional bodies like CZG, Facts about Parliament, fundamental duty, governor and their work, state legislature; Constitutional amendments and their importance; Official language, emergency provision, national political party and their symbol.

Current Affairs (National & International)

  • Others: Census, important books and their authors, the first sporting achievement for India and the first Olympics, first Asian Games, etc., state animals and marks, rewards and their importance, the names of the scientists who received the Nobel Prize for important discoveries.


  • Physics: Important inventions and inventors of their inventors, SKI units, speed, sound, light, wave, energy, electricity.


  • Chemistry: The chemical properties of yogic and their uses, chemical substances of important substances such as Plaster of Paris. Chemical and physical changes; Properties of Gases; Surface chemistry; Chemistry in everyday life


  • Biology: important inventions and their inventors; Important and interesting facts about the human body parts; Nutrition in animals and plants; Diseases and their causes such as bacteria; Viruses and protozoa; The last four chapters of the NCERT book for the Class 12th Environment


  • Computers: computer development, input and output devices, memory.

GK (General Knowledge)

  • Art & Culture
  • Book and Author
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous
  • Important Dates
  • Honors & Awards
  • Miscellaneous

Generally, the questions asked in this section are direct and easy. Therefore, candidates can score well in this section. This section is important in both levels of SSC CGL 2018 exam Tier-1 and Tier-II.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Syllabus

SSC CGL Tier-II exam is an Objective Type examination that will be conducted online. There are four papers in the examination, including quantitative aptitude, English language and comprehension, statistics and general studies (finance and economics). The time duration for each paper will be 2 hours. The SSC CGL Tier 2 question comes from two subjects Maths and English. All previous posts related to SSC have been told. Qualify to SSC will pay special attention to English Paper. Students who are studying in English Medium from primary may have less trouble but those who have not read English from Primary Education will have to pay special attention.

The Quantitative Aptitude question is asked in Arithmetic and Advance two parts. Who will learn in different detail?

A point worthy of remembering:

  • Paper-I and Paper-II are mandatory for all posts.
  • Paper-III is for those candidates who apply for the post of Junior Statistical Officer (JSO) and who have passed the Tier-I examination.
  • For each incorrect answer in Paper-II (English language and comprehension), negative marking of 0.25 points and negative marks for 0.50 for each incorrect answer in Paper-I and Paper III.
  • The questions in Paper-I will be of the graduate level in the question level of Matriculation, Question 10 + 2 in Paper-II and in Paper III.
  • The examination duration for blind candidates is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

SSC CGL Tier-II 2018 Topical Course of Examination

The above syllabus SSC CGL was just a short form of the Tier-II exam. Students should go through the wide courses of all the papers and create a proper policy to score well in related subjects.

Let’s see the detailed courses of SSC CGL Tier-II papers-

Paper-I: Quantitative Aptitude

The curriculum of this paper is in line with the syllabus of the quantitative aptitude of the previously mentioned SSC CGL Tier-1 exam.

Arithmetic Math Syllabus for SSC CGL

  1. Number System
  2. LCM & HCF
  3. Percentage
  4. Partnership
  5. Profit & Loss
  6. Simple Interest
  7. Compound Interest
  8. Ratio & Proportion
  9. Pipe & Cistern
  10. Speed, Time & Work
  11. Time And Work
  12. Average
  13. Boat & Stream
  14. Mixture & Allegation
  15. Age Problems

Advanced Math Syllabus for SSC CGL

  • Angle
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Height & Distance
  • Polygon
  • Algebra
  • Data Interpretation
  • Bar Diagram & Pie Chart

Paper – 2: English Language and Comprehensive

These questions in that phase are designed to test the knowledge of the candidate’s English Language and Comprehension.

Paper-2 in SSC CGL Tier-II Examination: The major topics of English Language and Comprehension are given below-

  • Fill in the blanks
  • one word substitution
  • Error Detection
  • Passage
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Close Test
  • Voices & Narrations
  • Para jumbles
  • Spelling Errors
  • Antonym/Synonym

Paper-3: Statistics (for junior statistical officer)

Paper-III is for those candidates who have applied for the post of Junior Statistical Officer (JSO) and who have been shortlisted from Tier-1 for this post.

Tier 2 and two papers are given the exam. Which is taken only for specific posts. Paper 3 Junior Statistical Investigator and Paper 4 Assistant Audit Officer (AAO).

SSC CGL Tier 3 Syllabus

SSC CGL Tier – III exam is a detailed paper that is made offline proceeding pen and paper mode. In this examination, the language proficiency of candidates, grammar knowledge, use of vocabulary and writing skills are tested in English / Hindi. Candidates do give 60 minutes to write essays, short applications, letters, etc.

A point worthy of remembering:

  • This examination will be in bilingual ie Hindi / English as the candidates fill the choice of language in the time of online application.
  • Questions will be of 10 + 2 level.
  • This examination will be of qualifying nature. To pass this stage of the exam, it is necessary to earn at least 33% marks and depending on the remaining cut-off marks.
  • The duration of this examination is 80 minutes for candidates who are blind or suffering from brainpower.

The best way to prepare for this phase is to read various articles from different newspapers. In addition, you should be well familiar with the letter and application pattern.

  • There are a total of four (four) papers in it. In which
    Paper 1 and Paper 2 are compulsory for all.
  • Examination of Paper 3 is only given to Statistical Investigator Gr.II & Compiler Post.
  • Examination of Paper 4 is only taken for the Assistant Audit Officer.
  • This Written Exam is taken in Offline Mode. It gives 60 minutes of time and the essay is given to writing a letter.


Document Verification:

The final step of the exam is document verification for the final selection. Under this, the candidates have to submit various documents such as matriculation certificates, certificates of other educational qualifications, caste certificate, copy of relevant documents, etc. and take the original copy of all documents to the candidates during the documents verification. Will happen.


After studying the detailed curriculum of the SSC CGL exam mentioned above, the next step is to create and implement a study plan. For example, by solving some question papers last year, you can start practicing and analyze your strong and weak areas. Regular practice will help to achieve accuracy and higher scores in the exam.


In this case, the Syllabus Fix should be done better. Like Maths, Reasoning has Syllabus Fix, but its questions ruin more time. GK and English have no end to its Syllabus. But if you know the solution then Solid Number is also wasted without time. If the answer is known then you can also answer 5 questions in a minute.

Then meet you with the information about New Technology, Goodbye friends, thank you for reading our post, Good day!

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